International eMotorsports Association (IeMA)

IeMA is a registered non-profit organization of virtual motorsports. IeMA improves virtual motorsports and represents its members.

The organization is responsible, together with the Finnish Championships promoter Circuit eMotorsports, of organizing competitions in Finland and in NEZ-area.

To get into the eMotorsports is easy through the organization and you will get help with your equipment, practising and racing.

IeMA is a member of AKK, Finnish member of FIA. To compete the Finnish Championship is possible by signing in for the upcoming events. Stay tuned for news.

All IeMA and AKK members will get a 20 % discount on Circuit eMotorsports Center services and driving time.



eSports is a common name for virtual sport. Different types of eSports are one of the most growing competitive sports in the world.

eMotorsports = virtual motorsports, is a part of eSports.

Very differing and affordable and one of the most environmentally friendly form of motorsports. Other common terms for the sport are e.g. sim-racing and simulator competition.

eMotorsports is everything from a hobby to a professional competition.

Racing takes part in as internet races or in live race events and in eMotorsports centers.

It is very affordable and you can get started for instance with a free LIVE FOR SPEED game which you can download here. Finnish Championship 2018 Series is driven with Assetto Corsa.

A wheel and pedals are also needed and they are sold in various levels. You also need a basic internet connection.

Your PC does not need to be super powerful to get started. The experience is though more comfortable with a powerful PC.

In the Finnish Championship you need a webcam to be identified.


eMotorsports Finnish Championship

Season 2018 is driven under AKK-Motorsport and it had the official value of Finnish Championship. To compete the season the racers needed a membership of IeMA or other AKK organization and an accepted eMotorsports degree.

eMotorsports degree includes debut races and a written exam including the basic knowledge of racing rules. With active AKK racing premise the attendance was also valid.


1st PRIZE 10 000 euros

2nd PRIZE  6 000 euros

3rd PRIZE  4 000 euros


The prizes in the 2018 Finnish Championship series are cash and non-cash prizes. Prize recipients are obliged to report the acceptance of any prize to the tax authorities on their own.

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International eMotorsports Association (IeMA):


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International eMotorsports Association

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